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Worst Fight Scene...

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Worst Fight Scene...

It's intense. That dragon looks less real than Barney. Seriously. This is the worst fighting scene ever! It's the original matr...

Funny baby fighti...

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Funny baby fighti...

The kid is act as bruce lee's martial art the best fighting style ever! cool video clip. It feels like a razor blade comercial ...

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Football Bloopers All Time

This is a nice video clip for Football bloopers compilation. The Chris Brass one is hilarious! Even funnier it being an ex-Burn...

10831 views 05.19.08(by zerotoys )


Old guys RULE!

Football tricks by really really old guys! :D

11747 views 04.22.08(by seedervan )


Kaka Goals,Skills

KaKa was handed out the golden Boot of soccer,and nominated best soccer player of the year Simply the best.

14929 views 03.27.08(by gasboy )


Cristiano Ronaldo (Skills)

I guarantee if he came to any other league..he would blow out every single player in that league.

15673 views 03.27.08(by gasboy )


Ricardo Quaresma Beautiful Skills

This is Ricardo Quaresma,A Portugese boy,Who has perfectly skills and plays at the team FC Porto.

9306 views 03.27.08(by gasboy )


Amazing football skills

Amazing footy skills which shows off the best ball jugglers have to offer, ronaldinho and other famous footballers!

17030 views 03.27.08(by gasboy )


David Beckham - Sexy!

David Beckham voted as one of E!'s Sexiest Hollywood Celebrities.

11686 views 03.24.08(by ashleesi )



Pele "The Brazilian God".

11200 views 03.24.08(by ashleesi )


Pavel Nedved for Juventus

Some off the goals that pavel nedved has scored.

9978 views 03.24.08(by ashleesi )


Top 10 Goals Cristiano Ronaldo

The best goals of Cristiano Ronaldo

13707 views 03.24.08(by ashleesi )


Legendary Cristiano Ronaldo 07-08

A comp about Cristiano Ronaldo, his amazing skills this year and his impressive goal tally! Cristiano Ronaldo did prove to the ...

10482 views 03.24.08(by ashleesi )


Figo - best goals

Figo is one the best wings that i've seen. That first free kick is a beauty.

6952 views 03.24.08(by ashleesi )


The Best of Luis Figo

My fav soccer player in de whole world - not because I'm part Portuguese but he's talented! Nice looking!

8958 views 03.24.08(by ashleesi )


Trifon Ivanov

Forget about Beckham... Soccer's handsome guy is Ivanov... xD

7400 views 03.24.08(by ashleesi )


Zinedine Zidane and His Family Pictures

This is a video dedicated to zidane and his family. It is a compilation of his pictures with his family. Hope you guys enjoy it...

5416 views 03.24.08(by ashleesi )


Zinedine Zidane Goals

Zidane is just majestic. a different class.

12857 views 03.24.08(by ashleesi )


FA Community Shield Manchester Utd VS Chelsea

Penalty Kickout Man U VS Chelsea

12961 views 08.07.07(by 01utube )


Rhain Davis 9 Year Old UK Soccer Star

New Uk soccer star shows us how he does it at 9 years old

15432 views 08.06.07(by 01utube )


UP Coming Soccer Super Star

This is what is called spot the star , what talent he has.

13642 views 07.03.07(by 12345 )


Very Werid Goal

Sweden vs Ireland

29637 views 06.08.07(by 01utube )



4 - 0

17263 views 05.13.07(by 12345 )


Messi vs Maradona

The 2 greats, who was best ?

17857 views 04.20.07(by 01utube )


Stupid Referee

What team you on man !

36088 views 04.01.07(by 123456 )