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elvis pretzel singing Hound Dog


5890 views 06.28.11(by )

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Rover eats his dog food

master wants everyone to se what a good human dog i am eating my food

5729 views 06.22.11(by Lilbtchdog )

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Dogue and Mud!!!!!!

Every time we see some mud

5043 views 02.05.09(by GingerNinga1 )

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My sheltie Kendall

10117 views 01.12.09(by june0 )


This is where dreams come true!

Dreams come true when you are at a place where you can forgive, love and care about others.

7765 views 12.22.08(by seedervan )


Fast Food Freestyling

Tom Price goes burger rapping and showcases the art of lyrical food ordering, more at

7677 views 12.10.08(by seedervan )

Movie Trailers

Trailer for the award-winning Slumdog Millionaire

Directed by Boyle (Trainspotting, 28 Days Later) and written by Simon Beaufoy (The Full Monty)

5023 views 12.09.08(by seedervan )

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Tag and Macy

Tag and Macy having a silly 5 mins in the sun

9135 views 11.20.08(by foster-mum )

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Sheba's Singing Debut

Dog singing with the theme song to the Young And The Restless soap opera..

8304 views 11.04.08(by EParker )

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Beverly Hillbilly Chihuahua Sex Tape

Chihuahua's Missionary Style

28231 views 10.11.08(by ridgells )

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Mocha's first DD event

Dock Dogs

9787 views 09.28.08(by labbers3 )

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Kayla Nikko Mocha

dogs swimming

11285 views 09.20.08(by labbers3 )

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The Clan

at dog park

2584 views 09.20.08(by labbers3 )

Utube Animals

Sophie & Labs

at dog park

7782 views 09.20.08(by labbers3 )

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take a bath

dog hates bathes

16456 views 09.01.08(by kenna313 )

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Val U Vet Commercial

4034 views 08.18.08(by valuvet )

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Dog's Best Friend

Being human's best friends, dogs have their friends too ... Mercedes has her Rock Friend

16059 views 08.09.08(by avawho )

Extraordinary Utube Videos

Humorous Pets Painted & Dyed

These poor cats and dogs are painted and dyed.Some beautiful, some ridiculous, Don't miss this one.

7260 views 08.06.08(by jackiss )


Backstory - the driving dog

The crazy idea behind the actual and even more crazy stunt! :)

17053 views 05.22.08(by seedervan )

Utube Animals

Do not fear.

Dog and owner in fear of children.

11270 views 05.19.08(by )

Utube Animals

Cats vs Dogs

Peoples always are thinking that dogs are more powerful then cats and cats are always the scary ones, wtach this funny video cl...

23768 views 05.17.08(by idlefreak )


Some Funny Commercials...

Nice compilation, who the hell would of thought of these commercials. A collection of funny commercians we never seen before wo...

7049 views 05.16.08(by txcmartin )

Funny Videos



9802 views 05.11.08(by doglandhotel )