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What's it all about? is a video sharing community, plain and simple..just how we like it.


If you have videos we want to see them!


Getting involved couldn't be easier....

1) Click on "Register" in the menu above
2) Activate your account as soon as you receive an email from us
3) When you have activated and logged in, click on "Upload a Video" in the menu above
4) Follow the on-screen instructions to upload your video

**Don't Forget - All videos are MODERATED and when approved, will be available to view on We will approve or reject all submissions within 24 hours (Normally less).

Do NOT upload the following: Any Pornography, Overly Violent or Sick Videos, Bullying Videos, Anything that would normally be termed as "not sociably acceptable" - If you do decide to upload any of the above you will be wasting your time and bandwith and for all visits your IP and or Proxy address are registered.